Wandering aimlessly through the alleys and neighborhoods of Ortigia and get lost in history, including temples, castles, ancient aristocratic houses and baroque churches.

And to taste the local cuisine, just exit the door of the house and sit in the typical local trattorias, or, for the most refined palates, taste the excellent fish in the elegant restaurants scattered here and there. Or again, enjoy a "gourmet" sandwich in the center of the small but inebriating "Mercato" of Syracuse where the soul of Ottigghia resides among the fruit and vegetable stalls, the cheese shops, the fish stalls and the typical products where colors , flavors and aromas thicken in perfect harmony.



55° ciclo di rappresentazioni classiche Teatro Greco (SR) 


40° Edizione

Infiorata Noto

Dal 17 al 19 Maggio 2019


Festa della Musica

21 Giugno 2019

ortigia film festival

11° Edizione

Ortigia Film Festival

Dal 13 al 20 luglio 2019


Ortigia Sound SYstem

Dal 24 al 28 Luglio 2019

Siracusa is a treasure chest of innumerable beauties, along the subjective journey of a tourist we wanted to enhance the (FIRST) 10 places not to be missed for those visiting the city! Despite the multitude of sites, naturalistic, archaeological, historical-artistic, literary, enogastronomic; we have chosen only 10 and many have been excluded for obvious problems of space within the spot. This is NOT a hit and run destination, it takes time to visit and 24 hours are just the beginning of a long dream called Siracusa.


Regia: Giuppy Uccello - Rossella Di PietroProducer: BirdLab (birdlab.it/)DOP: Giuppy UccelloMontaggio: Giuppy UccelloAss. di Produzione - Video Asiistant - Effettista: Giuseppe TorreCameraman: Corrado L.Vasquez / Marco CalafioreMusiche originali: Peppe Qbeta - Valerio ZappullaArrangiamenti e Mixaggio: Valerio Zappulla (Mk Studio)Attrice: Marly Uccello