equipped beaches

At CALA ZAFFIRO, you will find what you are looking for, what you need:
diving equipment, refreshment, relaxation, food and drinks, music at sunset (one of the most beautiful in the world).
Unique and unforgettable backdrops, the excitement of discovery in a protected marine area, Wellness. A cove sheltered by the force of the sea.
A simple and refined environment where you can enjoy the sun of Sicily.

Via degli Zaffiri

Siracusa (SR)


Located under the Belvedere San Giacomo in Ortigia, the historic center of Syracuse

Belvedere S. Giacomo

Ortigia (SR)

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Where the pristine and crystalline sea water invites you to immerse yourself ...
there is the Lido Varco Venti3 waiting for you
with its comfortable equipped area to enjoy a relaxing day, admiring the enchanting natural landscape.
We will take care of you, from the early hours of the morning offering tasty breakfasts, delicious light lunches and refreshing cocktails
... and when the sun disappears into the sea, for those who love the night, it will be possible to enjoy pleasant evenings of lounge music.
Lido Varco Venti3 ... protected marine area ... Plemmirio ... Siracusa

Via Capo Murro di Porco 194

Siracusa (SR)

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Umbrellas, sunbeds, and any vice for all your relaxation. During the day Kukua Beach is a lido bathed in the crystal clear waters of the Fontane Bianche bay.

From 9 to 19, every day you can relax and take a swim at the sea.
And, in our fields play beach volleyball, beach tennis and soccer tennis.

Viale dei Lidi Fontane bianche

96100, Siracusa (SR)

Via Aracoeli, 6 - 10    96100 Ortigia (SR) 

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